January 6, 1998



A earthquake of Richter Magnitude 3.9 shook a wide region of northern Arizona this morning. The tremor was felt in Winslow, Holbrook, and Flagstaff. Unconfirmed reports were received of minor damage at Holbrook. So far no aftershocks of magnitude 3.0 or greater have occurred. The earthquake occurred about 15 miles southeast of Winslow and 66 miles southeast of Flagstaff in an area to the northeast of activity that occurred in 1988 and 1989 when there was a number of events culminating in the April 18, 1989 Chavez Mountain tremor of magnitude 3.4. The last event of the size of this morning's tremor in this region was on October 8, 1953.

The data for this morning's earthquake are as follows: