August 16, 2005



The Antelope Hills area 26 miles north of Flagstaff was the site of a M2.7 earthquake on August 16, 2005 at 12:40 am. This tremor was felt locally but caused no damage. The Antelope Hills area is one of infrequent seismic activity, but is the epicenter region of the September 24, 1910 M6.0 tremor, one of the three largest in Arizona recorded history. Only 12 tremors have been located in this area since 1910, the last in 1999. The two largest were a M5.0 in 1959 that was felt in Flagstaff, and a M4.4 in 1966.

The August 16, 2005 tremor was recorded by the station of the Northern Arizona network. The preliminary earthquake data are as follows: